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Female members: 45.77%
Male members: 54.23%
New members past month: 201

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Please tell us about fake users

We try but cannot absolutely avoid fake users from using our system. They constantly change their emailadresses and nicknames and keep on signing in. But our systems are quite effektive and we check new users almost daily to keep them away. Please tell us if you receive an email in bad or unappropriate language or if you think the user could be a fake one. To do this, go to the users profile and report this account". Thank you for helping us!

Fresh start into 2018

Happy new year everybody! We wish you a happy and healthy year 2018 and a successful search for a partner on Your NAK team

Do I really know this guy?

We are really happy that NAK is a very trustworthy community. Nevertheless in the internet you never really know your chat partner. Please never transfer money if asked in a web chat or on a web site! In many cases you are about to be betrayed by professional criminals.


How to use the VIP area

Some members might ask you for more detailed information about your life but you don´t want to publish it on this website. Our VIP-area is the solution. You can fill out your VIP-area and noone will see it - unless you invite them personally. check it out, it´s free and you can draw back your invitations any time!


New: "Who´s online?" has a filter!

Our who´s online box has a new filter feature. Klick on the link Who´s online and you´ll have many options to filter the list of online users. For example you can select / deselect age, sex and if he/she should have a picture online. Then klick "save".

Have fun with our new feature!


1000+ female and male members

The number of NAK singles increases steadily. These days we reached the 1000+ with both female and male members! Have a good time, everybody!


We recommend: Firefox instead of Internet Explorer

Microsoft´s Internet Explorer ignores many web standards and is not very secure nor stable nor can it be extended easily. Some problems our users had could be solved by simply using mozillas firefox instead of Microsoft´s Internet Explorer. Here you find details on how to get and install firefox.